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How to decorate vegetables so that children eat everything

Not all children like to eat vegetables and fruits.

How can parents get their children to eat vegetables and fruits?

One way is to steal a bowl of fruit and vegetable boludes nicely.

Here are some of these ideas.

Cucumbers, carrots and an egg – this is such a hare.

Kiwi and strawberry tree.

Hummingbirds can be made from pears.

Cheese can be garnished with olive and carrot penguins.

The Ninja Turtle is made from small cabbage and cheese. He eats delicious pizza appetizingly.

Some kids don’t like to eat strawberries, kiwi and other fruits.

Try to arrange small portions of fruit nicely and garnish with chocolate sauce.

Another fruity picture. On it you see tangerines, lemon, banana and pear.

By the way, the pear can be replaced with an apple or a mango

Attention. When serving a fruit and vegetable dish to your child, all the details should be edible. For example, we have flowers and leaves in the photo. They are also edible and are sold in the vegetable section of the supermarket.

The butterfly is made from grapes and orange. I just want to eat it.

Baby feet with tangerine and pomegranate berries. Nicely

What kind of laundry is being dried here? Carrots, bell peppers, and daikon.

And from above the sun is shining made of lemon.

How healthy are broccoli and carrots! Your child will definitely want to eat it.

A beautiful sailboat made of watermelon, banana and kiwi.

Did you like our ideas?

We hope your kids have eaten all the delicious fruit and vegetable dishes you have decorated.

Mother Olga
Mother Olga
I am a mother of three children. I love children ♥, handicrafts, plants and home decor. I collect these ideas in my posts.